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Joico Colour Intensity | Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Why We're In Love With Joico Colour Intensity

We first started to sell Joico Colour Intensity at the beginning of 2020, We'd started stocking Joico the previous year but the Colour Intensity range was really the product that kickstarted it for us all! 

When we initially started to stock it, we had no idea that we were about to enter a pandemic that would see all UK hair salons closed for what seemed like an eternity. Naturally, people still had to have their hair coloured! I personaly managed to refrain from colouring my hair at home but the cost of this was a lot of grey hair that surprised even me! 

Anyway, The firs month of lockdown would see us almost entirely selling out of Joico Colour Intensity! This is obviously a great thing for sales but it also made me realise how popular Joico actually was! The reviews we were getting were absolutely great!

Framar Brushes

Framar Brushes

You may or many not have noticed that we've been quite keen on Framar products across the board for some time now!

We started using not just Framar brushes but also a few other Framar products in our salon such as the Framar Foil and we've honestly fallen in love with them.

Our first impressions on Framar is that they seemed a little expensive, just for a tint brush or just for some hairdressing foil but as with most of the product we sell, we do try and use them in our salon so we can give an honest description and know whether or not it's a product we do have confidence in ourselves. 

We can safely say that we have 100% faith in Framar and you'd better believe we'll only be increasing the range of Framar products that we stock and that we use ourselves! 

Are Framar good quality?

The biggest thing with Framar that we found was the more than impressive quality! We first noticed it with the foil, being rather

Amika Reset Exfoliating Jelly Shampoo | Buy Amika UK

Amika Reset Exfoliating Jelly Shampoo | Buy Amika UK

Amika has been such an upcoming brand in the UK recently and we're honestly really glad that we're stocking it! 

If you didn't know we've been stocking Amika hair products now for almost a year! It's been a real hit for us. 

We know why you're here though, you're here because you want to learn more about the Amika Reset Exfoliating Jelly Shampoo! Well that's great! We can tell you that in the last few weeks in particular it's been very popular and we've had some incredible feedback from customers about it. 

The Amika Reset Exfoliating Jelly Shampoo has been made to revitalize and restore yours or your clients scalp. It contains a cocktail of ingredients that include charcoal, pink clay and sea salt. 

Without you actually using it, it's really hard to get across how good this product actually is but we can explain to you why the ingreients have

Why We Love Celeb Luxury Viral

Celeb Luxury Viral UK

So as many of you may know, Celeb Luxury is actually an American company that have been creating hair products for just over 3 years now! Starting in 2016 Celeb Luxury has grown rapidly! and honestly, we've loved every single one of their products that we've tried so far! Available in over 3,000 salons all over the world including our own! We're pretty sure that they've god an idea or two about how to make a good hair product, despite being the new guys in the industry. 

in 2018 they were awarded Cosmoprof #1 Hair Product World Wide. The global industry's most prestigious award for mass and professional product. 

What Makes Celeb Luxury Products So Special?

Well, we like to think that one of the things that make their products so special is how well they perform! I know, when you

Maria Nila | Why this is your new favourite vegan friendly hair care brand!

Let's talk about Maria Nila and why we know that this, is your new favourite vegan friendly hair care brand!

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